Let Your Voice Resound: My New Site is Live

Hello, lovelies! My new site, Resounding You, is live! You’ve been a part of the journey this far, and I’d love for you to join me there. Having conversations with readers like you has changed my outlook–and my life, along with it–so I’d be honored if you’d continue to follow along.

Too many of us are walking around, holding back the best parts of ourselves. Let’s make some art. Let’s find our people. Let’s do the things we’ve been hemming and hawing about. Yes, let’s find new ways to let our voices resound.

Though I’m retiring Blue Car Painted Green, I’ve moved its content to Resounding You, so it can have a new life there. Onward!



5 thoughts on “Let Your Voice Resound: My New Site is Live

  1. Suzi, You are really getting it together! I suffer from monkey brain too but it’s usually filled with bluegrass music that I just heard or played. Your new site is very expressive.

    Love you, Dad


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