A New Home for Blue Car Painted Green

Two months ago, I posted a survey of potential new names for my blog. I adore the current name, especially the story behind it, but the time’s right to make a new home for this space. For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided a new name will better suit the future I envision for this dialogue and community.

Thanks to all of you who voted! You helped me sort out this decision, which turned out to be kind of a big deal in my world. I love that one of you responded with this comment: “Are you sure you’ll be able to go through with it?” How very astute of you! Indeed, letting go hasn’t been easy. Whoever you are, I can totally relate to your blogger friend who contemplated a new name, but ultimately dropped the idea.new_home.jpg

So, Why the Change?

I started this blog to record craft projects I’d been working on. Every handmade item has a story, and I quickly realized I adored telling these stories. Before long I discovered I loved the writing as much as the making. Both helped me find my voice. Over time, blogging made me braver, and the feeling spilled into other parts of my life. Now I want to help you capture the freedom and joy that can come from finding your voice, too.

Let Your Voice Resound

As such, I’m happy to announce my new name: Resounding You. I hope you’ll find it as memorable and energizing as I do. There, I’ll provide tools and inspiration for finding our voices. I’ll still write about the same topics–crafting, self care, entrepreneurship, and more–just under a new lens. (Truth be told: Blue Car Painted Green has proven tricky for people to remember.) Here’s a sneak peek at the new look:

How To Keep Following Along: The Nitty Gritty

Within the coming weeks, my new site’ll go live! At that time, I’ll do one final post here, with a link to Resounding You. On your first visit please subscribe, if you’re so moved. Over time we’ve built a relationship, and I’m more than a little attached to our conversations. Let’s keep them going!

I’ll no longer update Blue Car Painted Green, but anyone who comes here will automatically be rerouted to the new site. All my content will move there, where it’ll discover a new life.

Coming SOON

Till next time! I hope to see you on the flip side. As always, if you have any comments or questions, please do let me know.



27 thoughts on “A New Home for Blue Car Painted Green

    1. Tom, you can be my target audience, or my raver one, any day. Ha! Actually, after a long talk with a good buddy of mine, I moved away from specifying women as my audience. There are a variety of reasons this is too limiting, and I want to lift people up, not exclude anyone. And anytime you want to make a Mancraft post happen, you know I’m all in!


  1. I’m confident that I’ll enjoy Resounding You as much as I have enjoyed Blue Car Painted Green. Wishing you luck and continued creativity. Thanks for posting this, it’s almost a template of what I want to do when I make my changes!


  2. I’d only just discovered you (and loved the name) but I can see what you mean, and look forward to hearing more about it. Especially as I am privately involved in a similar project to find my voice (mybiglifeshift.wordpress.com)


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