The Soulful Sidebiz Series (Part 1)

If you and I were sitting down for coffee, I’d love to ask what you think of the saying, “Leap and the net will appear.” I, for one, have a hot-and-cold relationship with this philosophy. Deep down, I believe there’s some kind of spiritual truth to it, and I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t experienced examples of it in my life.

On the other hand, I’m a gal who likes to make things happen. And when I say this, here’s what I really mean: I. WILL. MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN. And I’ll do it perfectly, for crying out out loud, right now. The over-functioner in me has a tough time accepting any correlation between achieving success and loosening my grip on control.


Now, I’m about to embark on a new quest for balancing planning and letting go. After fifteen years at the same nonprofit, I’m also starting a side business related to helping people find their voice. For two years I’ve been blogging about the challenges and joys of finding my own. (How do you find your voice, I wonder?) For me, the best tools include crafting, writing, self care, and–ultimately, I hope–entrepreneurship.

But here’s the deal: Starting a business is no joke. Exploring how you want to serve the world is a process that stirs all kinds of emotions, ideas, and uncertainties. As a mentor recently told me, “If you want to get some therapy, start a business or start making art.” Indeed, the past few months have brought more upheaval than I care to admit.

You’ve probably seen this quote before, but I never seem to get tired of it. I made this version using fabric and Mod Podge. Now it hangs in my home office, otherwise known as the craft room.

Then, three weeks ago, I met someone to help guide my path. Enter mindfulness coach and founder of Move as One, Julie Delene. For more than 20 years, Julie’s been empowering individuals and organizations to have mindful conversations and take action. She and I met through a contact at Impact Hub, the Minneapolis co-working space where both of us are members.

Now, she’ll be coaching me on my journey toward entrepreneurship, and I invite you to follow along. I’ll record my experiences through a new series, The Soulful Side Biz, which’ll appear on my blog and hers. I can tell already that Julie’s emphasis on embodied decision-making will do me a world of good. I don’t know about you, but I get stuck in analysis mode, which–yep–leads to plenty of paralysis.

Lucky for me, Julie’s developed a game to spark dialogue during coaching. 5 Mindful Moves gets to the heart of what players what to create in work and life. The point is to reduce stress, renew passion, and improve decision-making. I’m excited to find out where this will lead. And, as always, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about mindfulness. Feel free to comment!


My first time playing, I drew a card asking the opposite question: Describe a piece of clothing you used to like wearing, but no longer do. An image popped to mind of a bright blue dress. Two years ago I felt confident in i. Now, the thing just doesn’t fit. Hmm, indeed. The me of two years ago isn’t who I am today. If I want to bring out my best, I must find a new structure. Stay tuned. . .



3 thoughts on “The Soulful Sidebiz Series (Part 1)

  1. Several months ago I started to consider to quit my job of 5 years as home health nurse. I asked my sister to pray about it as I said, “f you are not in God’s will, all goes poorly.” I wanted to pray about it first and not just jump into this big change. The first week, my home health agency was sold to another company. Oh my….Many of my nursing friends lost their jobs and they were out on a limb. I still had my job as I worked in a different scope than many of the nurses.
    My sister laughed and said….”Well maybe I prayed too hard?” The next thing that happened was that I received a letter from Wilder, a non profit, I worked for in the 90’s. They told me I had a pension check there and what would I like to do with it now that I have reached social security age. What? I never knew I had a pension there? I thought you had to work there at least 5 years and I thought I was short of that? No, I was on call for a while and I qualified for this pension and they have a check for $28,000.
    What a surprise! How did they even find me as I have moved like 5 times since I worked at Wilder! The wonders and the power of prayer. I really felt as if God was gifting me and giving me encouragement along the way to quit this job. I was working a night shift and it just seemed to be too hard on my health. Well here I am with wide eyed amazement and feel I am blessed to have happened upon this new path in my life. It still is a wonder for me to think upon it. The power of prayer cannot be made insignificant with me now with any life decision. Experiences along the way, change who we are!


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