Vote: It’s Time for a New Name

Hi, everybody! It’s time for my blog to have a new name. (Nobody can remember it!) Also, I started out writing about crafting, but over time I realized my aim is broader.

WHAT I DO: Cultivate voices to renew lives

WAYS I DO IT: Creativity, Self Care, Connection, and Career

I’d love it if you’d  vote for your fave new name. If you have any comments or other ideas, your voice is always welcome!

Thanks so much. You are SO appreciated. Be on the lookout for a new look soon. . .



11 thoughts on “Vote: It’s Time for a New Name

  1. Hi Suzi! So I’ll officially vote from the choices you gave, but “Go Craft Yourself” and “She’s Crafty” are the first things that pop into my head . Probably not the vibe you are going for though. HAH! 🙂


      1. I like it! A new name does help to galvanize the core mission of a blog and focus posts. Mine helped a lot when I changed it at the beginning of the year.

        Good luck!


      2. I’m so glad to hear your rebranding is beneficial! Rebranding has been a catalyst for going deep, indeed getting to the core of where I am and where I want to go. Much harder than I thought it’d be. Needed, though. And will be worth the time and energy. Your encouragement helps. Thanks!

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