Support a Newbie GirlBoss: Take My 1-Min Survey

Well, hello, you peachy thing! You may have heard I’m seeking volunteers to take a 1-minute survey. In my mission to encourage women to cultivate their voices, I’m developing my first online course. I’d love for you to help shape it.

The course’s working title is, “When You Don’t Know What to Say, Here’s What to Make.” It’ll provide craft projects for supporting friends and family going through a tough time. Whether someone you love is in the hospital, enduring divorce, or dealing with grief, it can be hard know what to say. Heck, maybe one of your special people simply needs some encouragement to see her own power.


No matter how crafty you consider yourself to be, the course will help you find your voice. Normally a verbal person, I came up with these projects when words failed me. My hands turned out to be my only effective way to communicate. I’d love to help you get over that hump, too. The course will feature how-to’s for projects like this:

Take the survey and pass it on to any fab ladies who may want to pitch in. As always, feel free to chime in with a comment.

Rest in peace, Rhys. This course is dedicated to you.fought_to_become1.jpg









6 thoughts on “Support a Newbie GirlBoss: Take My 1-Min Survey

  1. Ah, this is a lovely idea. A while back, my friend Kim–who’s in stage four–and I collaborated on this post about what to say:

    Kim is still here; she leaves her hospice workers in her apartment and walks downtown for coffee. She is just amazing. I bet Rhys was, too.

    I love your ideas; the only craft I’ve done to date for a sick friend is a prayer shawl. Best of luck with this truly good idea!


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